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Tag Time: Random Questions About Me….

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Ok my dear friend asked me some crazy questions so I was like let me throw this on the blog.. People please don’t laugh at me im goofy.. feel free to send me questions and do your own tag… Ok lets go…


1)What’s your name? JASMINE

2)How old are you? 25

3)Do you have or want children? NO! YES ONE DAY WITH THE RIGHT MAN.

4)Where are you from? COMPTON CA

5)What are your hobbies? WRITING AND READING

6)Rap or R&b? R&B

7)Computers or Television? COMPUTER

8)Day or Night? NIGHT

9)Summer or Winter? WINTER

10)Alcohol or Beer? HENNESY LOL

11)Jordan’s or Heel’s? HEEL’S

12)Twitter or Facebook? TWITTER

13)Are you a cheater? LOL.. NO BUT IF I WAS ILL BE A GOOOD ONE

14)Have you ever been catfished? HELL NAW! I MIGHT LAUGH ANYWAY… STILL BE HIS FRIEND

15)What are your turn on’s and off’s? I LOVE A MAN WHO CAN…

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