What Happened:
Ok so 35 year old Greg Horn is in custody for “BEATING” His two teen daughters age’s 12 and 14 years old. While he was whoppin them they were recording the video has been uploaded on major websites such as worldstarhiphop! In the video you could hear the young ladies screaming and yelling for dear life as he beat the hell out of them.. He is now facing major charges in an Ohio jail…
Do I think he over did it??
Honesty this is nothing new to me, ASS WHOPPINS is an family tradition in my world. Anything my mom had close to her was an good ass whoppin weapon! I can only imagine what he was thinking!! Young girls fail to realize there’s so many perves on the web. Plus they’re 12 & 14 years old is unacceptable!! So if I was their parent I would’ve did the same thing just not record it!! Maybe the cable cord was to much, but the ass whoppin was very necessary. im sorry I don’t feel bad for them. Twerkin is something a young lady shouldn’t be doing, like I said its so many weirdo’s on the internet. What if a child molester or some type of weird freak seen the them walking by themselves one day. ( God forbid) who knows what could’ve happened to them..
I honestly think alot of women that does twerkin videos should set a better example for our younger generation and parents should be more involved in their children life’s. We have alot of kids that’s out of line now days and some times it takes an ass whoppin to get them straight!!
What made me mad:
The fact that alot of adults see nothing wrong with the girls twerking.. some people have said “Its not like they’re doing porn” the fact of the matter is its not acceptable!! 12 and 14 yea

rs old.. those are children and like my granny say STAY IN A CHILDS PLACE!!




  1. I agree with his reasoning, but the cable cord was to much. When your mad you have no idea on whats going on!! He probably blanked out…

  2. If we had more fathers like this, you would’nt have all the problems in our culture. Twerking makes bw look bad, loose, easy. Even blk people from around the world stay away from aaw, and this is why, crime, drugs, porn, the worst thing in the world, is to give a stupid a woman camera and a youtube, and let them makes fools of themselves.

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