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Love & Hip Hop: “Perfect Couple”


Yandy Smith Aka Miss Money Maker The main lady of the hit show “Love and hip hop”. Also known for working with known artist as of 50cent, Missy Elliot and High Ass Jim Jones. In 2008 Yandy was named BILLBOARDS TOP 30 EXECUTIVES UNDER 30! Yandy also is president and part owner of Everything Girls Love. Her net worth is 15 million dollars, Miss money maker loves money. That’s not the only thing she loves. This season Yandy Smith introduced us to her family and love life. July-16-2012 she gave birth to her first child OMERE HARRIS (SO HANDSOME) By longtime boyfriend Mendeeces Harris


He might be a new face to the fans of love and hip hop, but not a new face to miss Yandy. Yandy and Mendecces has been knowing each other for years and have been together for 6. When I first seen the show I was so happy for Yandy, she finally found her happiness and have an family of her own. Her fairly tail was just starting Mendecces and his sexy ass smile asked Yandy to marry him and bought an house for the family everything was looking so perfect. Ummm until the second to last episode Mendecces turned his self in to feds. The show didn’t air the details but you know my messy ass found out. Mendecces is facing criminal charges such as drug trafficking,

“RUMOR” has is Mendecces was trappin baby lol trafficking 2.5 million dollars worth of coke from 05 to 12. He’s claiming not to be guilty but if convicted he could be facing 20 years. Is Yandy love that strong? Do you think she would wait??
I honestly believe Yandy and Mendecces is a beautiful couple, I pray and hope he doesn’t get slammed. 20 years is a long time to wait for someone and some people love that much so I can’t knock her. Lol the funny part I knew his sneaky smile ass was trappin especially when he gave Rasheeda Ali that 3,000 for that apartment. He wanted it in her name so he can make it happen im not mad at you bruh. Lol all jokes aside Yandy just need to stay focus and worry about her and her son, at the end of the day you still gotta make it happen with or without Mendecces!!

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